Tips for Cost-Effective Junk Removal

When facing the task of getting rid of unwanted items, a little organization can go a long way in saving you money on junk removal services. Before reaching out to a removal service, take some time to streamline the process.

If you have old furniture that needs to be disposed of, consider moving it to the garage or placing it outside on the driveway. Yard debris, such as branches and leaves, should be bundled together, raked, and bagged. Remember not to exceed 30 lbs per bag. Some haulers may even pick up metal items at no cost.

When scheduling a cleanup for an entire property, whether it’s a house, garage, or basement, sorting your items beforehand can be a game-changer. Separate trash from reusable items, as several charities, like Salvation Army, Purple Heart, and Goodwill, offer free pickup for reusable goods. Ensure that the items are clean and in working condition.

In cases where you find yourself inheriting a property filled with a loved one’s belongings, consider consulting a reputable antique dealer before opting for a hauling service. This approach can help identify valuable items that might be worth saving.

Don’t overlook unwanted vehicles, boats, tractors, farm equipment, and trailers. While cars may require a different approach, most other items often need to be dismantled before removal.

With rising costs at the gas pumps and disposal sites, the era of inexpensive junk removal is behind us. In today’s tight economy, saving money is a priority for everyone. While some situations may warrant professional assistance, taking these steps can help minimize costs.

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